Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, it’s Tuesday again, which regular friends of the decanter will know is Robbo’s least-favorite and most uninspiring day of the week.   So I’m afraid I can’t give you anything more than teh random:

♦   I warned y’all just yesterday what an ogre the onslaught of Christmas “musick” was going to make me.  Well, it’s happening faster than I thought, perhaps because I managed to suppress so many horrid memories from last year.  I defy anyone to listen to “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” performed on the pan flute and not be overwhelmed with the desire to grab a sledge hammer and head for the radio studio.  Hulk smash!

♦   I don’t know if other sports networks do this, but MASN, the network of Robbo’s beloved Nationals, has been airing reruns of memorable baseball games for some time now.  Once in a while, when I have an idle hour or two on my hands, I’ll tune in.  It’s an odd experience looking backward rayther than forward, but I find myself getting excited even when I know perfectly well the game’s outcome.   I mentioned this to the eldest gel this morning.  Her puzzled reply was, “You watch baseball reruns?”

♦    People who say that baseball is no longer the national pastime are actually saying quite a bit more than they realize.   And it’s not complimentary.

♦    Back in September, I pre-ordered from the devil’s website a copy of John Zmirak’s new book, The Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Catechism.   Evidently, there is some kind of production glitch, as the devil has been sending me periodic emails announcing shipping delays.  The latest one seems to require my permission to go ahead with the order when the book becomes available.  It reads, in part,  “If you do not approve this delay by December 17, 2012, we will cancel the item.  However, if the item becomes available before that date, we will automatically ship it to you.   If the option to approve a delay is not available from this link, that means there has been a change in your order and approval is no longer necessary.”   I know this makes perfect sense, but somehow the way it is written makes me a bit dizzy.

♦   Speaking of such things, sparked I suppose by current insanity events, I have felt an increasing urge of late to delve into the writings of Friedrich Hayek.  I see him quoted all the time, but I’ve never sat down and actually read one of his books.   Why on earth would ol’ Robbo voluntarily read an econ book?  Just to keep morale up, y’know?

♦    And speaking of economy, I am of the opinion that leftover strip steak makes a far tastier lunch meat than rib-eye.  I think it refrigerates better.   Why this would be, I couldn’t say, but empirically I notice the difference.

Well, that’s about it for the moment.

UPDATE:  Oh, and in case you were asking yourself, “Self? Is Robbo going to go see The Hobbit or any of its follow-on sequels?”, the answer is no.  Not a cent of my money does Peter Jackson get for the violence he’s done to Middle Earth.  (That’ll learn him!)

UPDATE DUO:  On the other hand, The Hobbit in Latin?  Rem cupiiiiiiiimus!!!