Well, my fellow port swillers,  ol’ Robbo will be away from the decanter for a few days.   (Well, from this one anyway.  No doubt I will be spending rayther a lot of time imbibing adult beverages with the Mothe and my brother.)   Feel free to linger and help yourselves to a refill, of course.   Or as George, 6th Viscount Uffenham put it in Wodehouse’s Money In The Bank, “Swill till yer eyes bubble.”¹   And as always, the walnuts are in front of you and the cheese is over on the sideboard.

May you all have very happy and blessed Thanksgivings and an absolute minimum of hassle and aggravation trying to get to wherever you’re going and back again.


¹ One of Plum’s best, in my opinion, and well worth a try if you’re not familiar with it.