And he’s not even an American:

Former Beatle Paul McCartney, a long-time vegetarian, has joined a campaign by animal rights group PETA to encourage Americans to celebrate a turkey-free Thanksgiving this week.

The British rock legend, sporting a gray shirt with an “eat no turkey” design, is featured on the website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“This Thanksgiving, Paul McCartney is urging you to say ‘no, thanks’ to turkey and ‘yes’ to a delicious, cruelty-free holiday meal,” the group says.

Paul McCartney (excuse me, Sir Paul McCartney), in keeping with the spirit of the season, can get stuffed.

As has been our custom for some years now, the Family Robbo will be repairing to my brother’s house in North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  Last year, he figured out how to cook the bird in his Webber grill and honestly, it was easily the best turkey I’ve ever had.

The most memorable turkey I ever had was actually at Christmas, not Thanksgiving.  I was eight at the time and it was memorable because I happen to have shot the bird myself – my first hunting trophy/bag/victim.   I still recall the Old Gentleman carving at the sideboard and suddenly saying, “Oh, there’s the bullet hole.”   (I got it with a little .222 that I used to use for deer hunting.)  Nobody batted an eye.   What a different world that was.  I don’t actually remember what that bird tasted like, but I do recall that I was proud as hell of it.