The Beeb asks the important questions:  Are “geek” and “nerd” now positive terms?

I’ve always understood there to be a difference between the two labels.  To me, a nerd is somebody who’s basically a brainy social misfit.  “Geek”, on the other hand, has about it a certain specific technological ring.  (How it got there from its original definition of somebody who bites the heads off chickens in carny shows, I’ve no idea.)

I would call myself a nerd (certainly my children do) because I’m interested in a great many things seemingly outside the orbit of the current culchah.  (As far as I’m concerned, it’s the culchah that’s got its priorities wrong, not me.)  On the other hand, I have a Luddite streak in me that prevents me from being a geek.  (My posting here is about as tech-savvy as I get.)