I did not want to pass up the opportunity of raising a congratulatory glass to Davy Johnson of Robbo’s beloved Nats for having been named National League Manager of the Year this year.  It’s an honor absolutely and completely deserved.  Well done, Sir! (Also, kudos to Bryce Harper for getting Rookie of the Year and Adam LaRoche for his Gold Glove.  And if Gio Gonzalez doesn’t bag the Cy Young, I’ll be mighty disappointed.)

Hard to believe that it’s only been a bit over a month since that heart-breaking loss to St. Louis in Game 5.  (Indeed, what a horrid couple of weeks it’s been overall, when you come to think about it.)  But look at it this way:  Only three months until pitchers and catchers report!

And would you like a bit of gauntlet throwing?  We go to the Series this year.


UPDATE:  Congrats to R.A. Dickey for winning the N.L. Cy Young.  Gio came third in the voting.  No hard feelings.