Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, now that all the dust has settled from yesterday’s voting, those two or three of you wondering just what ol’ Robbo thought would happen ahead of time will be interested to know that my pre-vote predictions made in private proved to be startlingly prescient and that all has proceeded as I have foreseen.

I kid, of course.  I may be an idjit, but I’m an honest one.

The fact of the matter is that I took an almighty swing and whiffed so hard that I wound up spun round and on my knees in the batter’s box while my bat went rocketing into the seats behind the third base dugout.  I had thought seriously that R² would take most of the swing states and also perhaps one or two of the blues.   I based this belief on the current state of things, on what I thought was a significant enthusiasm gap and on a number of straws in the wind, both anecdotal and observed first hand.

As is plainly evident, my reliance on such beliefs was….misplaced.  It’s just as well that I’m not a gypsy fortune teller, a commodities futures trader or a weather forecaster, as I would no doubt starve in short order in any of those occupations.

So what now?  Dee Cee is about a step and a half away from becoming Athens on the Potomac, the polarization of our domestic society continues apace and the bad guys abroad are reforming, regrouping and retargeting.  It’s going to be a mighty interesting couple years no matter who won, and I mean that in the Chinese curse sense of “interesting”.

I just pray that we all manage to weather it.