Is it too early to start griping about the annual Christmas malarkey?  Here’s a bit for you:  Ban Christmas Lists for Children Urges Charity

A carefully written letter to Father Christmas is an annual tradition for many children, but according to the Mothers’ Union it should be a thing of the past as the charity calls for an end to the ‘commercialised’ Christmas list.

The families’ charity has urged parents to ditch the list, because they feel pressured into making their children’s ‘present pile’ as big as possible.

The initiative is backed by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Some 84 per cent of parents have bought their children extra Christmas presents at the last minute because they didn’t think the pile “looked big enough”, according to research by the charity.

It also showed that 72 per cent of parents bought their children a gift that was on their Christmas list which they could not afford.

It meant that 46 per cent of parents have taken out a loan, or got themselves into financial difficulty while trying to make their children happy at Christmas.

I kinda, sorta see what these people are driving at, but it seems to me that they’re fighting a symptom, not a cause.  And, as is so often the case with this kind of professional do-gooderism, their resort to high-profile draconian prescriptions simply makes them look silly.  Lists or no lists, the problem is parental over-indulgence.   What happened to the simple statement, “Well that’s a lovely list, sweetie, but of course you know that Santa couldn’t possibly bring you so much.”  Or, to tighten it up a bit, “Don’t be greedy.”

By way of example, from some comments let fall around Port Swiller Manor this weekend, it seems that certain members of the household were under the impression that Santa was very likely to bring them an XBox 360 this year.   I don’t even know how much XBoxes cost, but whatever it is, it’s too much.  The gels are already far too addicted to their various electronic devices as it is.  Another one like this would reduce them all to total zombiedom.

Thus, when these rumors reached the ear of ol’ Dad, he made it very, very clear that Santa will be doing no such thing, even if, in order to prevent it, Dad has to install and man an ack-ack battery on the roof.