Ol’ Robbo was visiting his County Election Board website just now for the fatuous reason of double-checking that he was going to turn up at the right voting station tomorrow (sure, it’s printed on the registration card in my wallet, but – you just never know!) and learned a couple of interest things.

First,  Port Swiller Drive is the boundary line for Robbo’s precinct.  Were we to live on the other side of the street, we’d vote someplace else.   A small fact, but a curious one.

Second, check out this partial description of the precinct bounds:

“Beginning at the intersection of [Port Swiller Drive] and [Obstinate] Run (stream), thence with the meanders of [Obstinate] Run in an easterly direction to its intersection with the Maryland/Virginny State Line (Potomac River)…..”

Thence with the meanders of Obstinate Run……I love that.  I don’t know whether this is standard industry jargon or not, but to me it’s practically poetic.   My inner English Major looks through the bars of his arid, dessicated legal writing dungeon at this little patch of plush, evocative description and finds himself filled with a mingling of envy and satisfaction, envy that I’m not allowed to write that way, but satisfaction in knowing somebody else has managed to get away with it.