Isn’t coincidence a curious thing?

Something or other just t’other day¹ made me think of the actor Robert Hardy, one of my all-time favorites, and specifically of his portrayal on screen as Winston Churchill.

And damme if I don’t stumble across a Beeb article today about Robert Hardy…..playing Winston Churchill:

Robert Hardy is to play Winston Churchill for the eighth time in his career opposite Dame Helen Mirren’s Queen Elizabeth II in the West End.

Peter Morgan’s new play, The Audience, begins at the Gielgud Theatre in February.

It depicts the weekly meetings between the Queen and 12 prime ministers from Churchill to David Cameron.

Haydn Gwynne will play Margaret Thatcher, with Paul Ritter as John Major.

Hardy has previously played Churchill seven times including Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years and most recently in Celui Qui A Dit Non in Paris in French.

He played Siegfried Farnon in the television adaptation of James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small and is also known for starring in the Harry Potter films as Cornelius Fudge.

I would, of course, add that he played Robert Dudley in Elizabeth R opposite Glenda Jackson and has been in about a zillion other stage and screen productions.  I did not know he was in the Potter films since (insert snobbish sniff here) I never saw any of them.

Truth be told, when I thought of him again the other day I was under the vague impression that Hardy was dead.  Apparently not.

So there you are.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, how on earth is Helen Mirren going to pull off looking like a twenty-something QEII?


¹Actually, I remember now what it was.  Over on Facebook, the lovely and talented Jordana had put up some pics of a couple of her boys dressed as various incarnations of Dr. Who for Halloween.  I remarked that I didn’t know much about Whovian costumes beyond Peter Davidson’s cricket-rig-cum-tails.  This got me thinking of All Creatures (in which Davidson played Siegfried’s little brother Tristan), which got me on to Hardy which got me on to Winnie.