Regular friends of the decanter will know that from time to time ol’ Robbo likes to rant Luddite-fashion about modern technology.  Well here I’m going to restore the average a bit by admitting that yes, sometimes it does actually work to one’s advantage:

Shoppers at Tesco have been able to bulk buy six bottles of £9.99 wine for less than the cost of a single bottle after a promotional glitch in the supermarket’s computer system.

Consumers spotted the loophole overnight and have been stocking up with cheap wine to take advantage of the mistake.

The glitch meant that six bottles of wine normally costing £59.94 could be bought for £9.01, less than the usual cost of one bottle.

One shopper claimed to have bought £419.58 of wine for £63.10 and posted a photograph of the wine, and the receipt, on Facebook.

The article explains, if I understand it correctly, that a series of overlapping promotional offers programmed into Tesco’s computer thingy unexpectedly started interacting with each other,  effectively causing what was supposed to be a series of modest discounts to start snowballing, much to the delight of eagle-eyed customers who, apparently, were somewhat better at math than the machine.

Alas, the article also notes that HM Goverment may take advantage of people hoisting a glass over this computerized cock-up in order to insert the jolly old iron fist in the vaseline-covered glove when they’re not looking:

The mistake, which has now been fixed, is likely to heighten concerns about supermarkets selling cheap alcohol.

Ministers believe that deeply-discounted wine promotions give customers a financial incentive to purchase more alcohol than they intend to buy and should be banned. David Cameron wants to introduce a minimum price for alcohol to reduce irresponsible drinking.

Honest to goodness, that sort of thing gives me the chills!  When you treat the citizenry like infants, it doesn’t make them more responsible, it just makes them even more baby-like.

(Of course, for the infantizers, that’s usually the actual idea…….)

Better drink up while we still can.