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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Just stepped in to the intertoobs to have a dekko at the latest forecast.  Right now (about 1:15 pm), it’s been raining hard/gently all day and teh wind is at times a bit gusty, but so far nothing to, er, post about.  However, the latest nooz is now saying that Sandy is getting stronger and we can expect hurricane-force gusts in the Port Swiller Manor neighborhood later on this afternoon and tonight.

We’ll see.

By the bye, it looks like things are genuinely awful up the coast from us.   I hope that all friends of the decanter affected in any way by the storm are snugged down and safe.

In the meantime, let me ask this:  Why the hell aren’t phone chargers interchangeable?  I mean, the thing is just a wire that runs from the outlet into the side of the cell/blackberry/iWhatever and sends a current of electricity from the former to the latter….How complicated does it need to be? “Compatibility”?  If the plug fits the port, why is this even an issue?

On the one hand, Port Swiller Manor is like something out of Snakes on a Plane: I’m constantly tripping over the damned things.  On the other, there has been bitter and non-stop civil war over the past twenty four hours as the gels fight over them, each proclaiming in loud voice that one of the others “took her charger – the only one she can possibly uuuuuuuse!!!”.


I mentioned to the Mothe the other day that our emergency back up plan in case we run out of food is first eat the cats, then eat the children.  I’m increasingly of the opinion that her suggestion that we reverse this order of consumption is a pretty good one.


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