Keeping glued to the forecasts today reminded me of an old childhood memory that comes back every time a hurricane is in the news of once watching one of those big star/multiple story line disaster films so much in vogue in the early 70’s.  The only part of it that stuck in my mind was of an estranged married couple in a small boat who somehow get trapped in the eye of the storm.  They were able to keep pace with the storm’s movement until they eventually ran out of gas.  With the tailing wall cloud bearing down on them, they reconciled and prepared to go to Davy Jones’ Locker together.  At the last instance, a submarine surfaced and rescued them.

What made the scene stick in my mind was the coo-el effect (for the time) of the storm sweeping in on them.

Well, thanks to these here intertoobs, when I thought of it this time I was able to fill in the gaps in my memory.  The film I was thinking of was a 1974 made-for-teevee flick called (unexpectedly!) “Hurricane”.  The couple I was thinking of were played by Larry Hagman and Jessica Walter.

According to the cast list, Martin Milner of “Adam-12” was also in the film, as were Will Geer and Patrick Duffy, just in case you find yourself playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  And if you don’t remember “Adam-12”, then you and I are definitely of different generations.