So it seems that the human braim is so highly bureaucratized that it has specific lobes tasked with the function of recognizing faces:

For the first time, scientists demonstrated that two clusters in a brain region called the fusiform gyrus play a central role in the way we see faces, but not other objects.

Tests on a patient with prosopagnosia – a condition where sufferers cannot distinguish one face from another – showed that electrical stimulation of the nerves instantly caused his perception of a face to become warped, while other objects in his field of vision remained unchanged.

Researchers said the findings could lead to new treatments for the condition, and may also explain why some people have a better memory for faces than others. Up to two per cent of the population are though to suffer from some form of “face blindness”.

The very first words that popped into my own braim on reading this article were, “I dunt know you…But you?  I nehver forrrget a fayzzzzz.  Meeeester…….Checkov.  Eeesn’t it?”

Actually, I didn’t know there was such a thing as “face blindness” but it might explain why people look straight through me from time to time.  Obviously their fusiform gryrii must be on the fritz.

Me? I remember faces quite well.  Names, on the other hand……