Happy birthday, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres!

Dedicated this day in Anno Domini 1260 by Saint Louis IX.

Having long blown through all my major requirements by then, I took a Gothic cathedral architecture course my last semester of college in which we studied Chartres pretty extensively.   Alas, while I retain a memory of enjoying the course very much, the mists of time have largely dimmed my recollection of what I actually learned beyond technical terms like apse, nave and transept and the names of the major French cathedral towns.  I have a vague recollection that the emphasis of the course was more on the aesthetic and technical aspects and less on the historickal and theological.   But as I say, this was twenty five years ago and I was a shallow lout with a bad case of senioritis, so it’s entirely possible that such imbalance was a function of my own receptiveness rayther than the prof’s presentation.

Too bad I can’t hop into the Wayback Machine and go revisit the course.  I’m sure I’d get an awful lot more out of it now.

Education.  Youth.  Waste.  Etc., etc.