Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, in case you were wondering, ol’ Robbo watched the final presidential debate last evening.  In fact, I hadn’t been planning to at all, but the gels came to me with great blue eyes and insisted that they really, really wanted to see it.  I couldn’t very well say no to such expressions of civic-mindedness, even though I knew perfectly well that they were motivated more by the idea of getting to stay up late to watch teevee on a school night than any burgeoning interest in politicks.  (As I often point out to them, they’d watch a live feed of the Beltway traffic cameras if that was all that was on.  They know I’m right, too.)

At any rate, as I had foreseen, all three variously wandered off to bed after fifteen or twenty minutes of shorthand and arcana far beyond any of their current scopes of comprehension.  But of course once I was actually watching, I couldn’t pull myself away.  I can’t really comment on the content or results here.  Instead I’ll just say that I feel I was hijacked by circumstances into blowing an hour and a half (actually more because I hung around to hear some of the initial “spin”) I could have been using for more productive purposes.

I will be very, very glad when this whole biznay is finally over and done.