Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

No doubt many friends of the decanter are staring at their computer screens this morning and asking  themselves, “Selfs, what is this?  Did Tom completely forget that yesterday was Trafalgar Day?”

Well, I can assure you all that the answer is no.  The memory of the great Lord Nelson is never far below the surface of the Robbo mind.  However, I was so busy yesterday scuttling about hither and yon, transporting various gels to their appointed places, that I simply didn’t have time to sit down with Mrs. R’s laptop and fritter away the schedule running  up a suitable tribute.

Indeed, there were times as I dashed from one pick up/drop off to another that I felt not unlike a panicking French admiral trying to transfer sailors among Men o’ War as his fleet sank under him.

So you see, I was at least thinking nautically.

UPDATE:  Let me hasten to add that Mrs. R’s schedule was as full as my own, so don’t get the wrong ideas about weight-pulling and sitting about in fuzzy pink slippers eating bonbons.  It was just one of those days.  Indeed, the only time we actually saw one another from before dawn to late afternoon was when we happened to pass each other at an intersection in the outer ‘burbs.  She actually flagged me down so that we could confer on some updated logistics.

UPDATE DEUX:  Let me also hasten to clarify any ambiguity in the title by stating unequivocally that no, there are no little Robbo v.4’s anywhere on the horizon.