To quote Professor Farnsworth, “Good news, everyone!”

Yes, Tom Wolfe has a new novel coming out:  Back to Blood.  Says the devil’s website ad copy:

As a police launch speeds across Miami’s Biscayne Bay-with officer Nestor Camacho on board-Tom Wolfe is off and running. Into the feverous landscape of the city, he introduces the Cuban mayor, the black police chief, a wanna-go-muckraking young journalist and his Yale-marinated editor; an Anglo sex-addiction psychiatrist and his Latina nurse by day, loin lock by night-until lately, the love of Nestor’s life; a refined, and oh-so-light-skinned young woman from Haiti and her Creole-spouting, black-gang-banger-stylin’ little brother; a billionaire porn addict, crack dealers in the ‘hoods, “de-skilled” conceptual artists at the Miami Art Basel Fair, “spectators” at the annual Biscayne Bay regatta looking only for that night’s orgy, yenta-heavy ex-New Yorkers at an “Active Adult” condo, and a nest of shady Russians. Based on the same sort of detailed, on-scene, high-energy reporting that powered Tom Wolfe’s previous bestselling novels, BACK TO BLOOD is another brilliant, spot-on, scrupulous, and often hilarious reckoning with our times.

Sounds tasty.

I will confess that I thought his last novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons, a bit on the clangorous side with a heroine who sported a fairly improbable combination of academic brilliance and social naivete, but never mind.  The man’s in his 80’s now, so I’m willing to cut him a little slack if he gets a bit heavy-handed whilst taking apart our “culture” or, in the words of Theodore Dalrymple, what’s left of it.

Did I ever mention that Wolfe was my law school commencement speaker at Dubyanell?  As one of the most distinguished living alums of the university, I’ve always strongly suspected that he’s sort of their fall-back when they can’t find anyone else with more star appeal for these occasions.  He gave what I am sure is his standard stumper tearing into the evils of political correctness.  Most of the students ate it up.  The faculty first looked alarmed, then stony-faced.  Good times.  Good times.

I would immediately nip over to the devil’s website and purchase my own copy.  However, we’re getting pretty close to the official start of Robbo’s Christmas/Birthday book-buying embargo (put in place because nobody else knows what to give me except books), so perhaps I’ll hold off in the hope that someone in the Port Swiller family will get wind of this and act accordingly.