Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

If you’ve been following the post-season, you’ll know that ol’ Robbo’s beloved Nationals face the possibility of elimination later this afternoon at the hands of the Cards.  While we managed to steal the first game of the series, we’ve been shellacked the past two, looking something more like the old Nat’nals than this year’s 98-game winning, first in the NL East club.   Personally, I put it down to inexperience and nerves – the guys simply seem to have forgotten the loose confidence that enabled them to play so well during the season and are instead pressing too hard.  Not being a professional manager, I’m not sure how one goes about getting a team in such a tight spot to just relax and have some fun with it, as my old crew coach used to say.

While I’m certainly not happy about the state of things, I must say that I’m even more unhappy about the reaction of some of the fans to it.  Flipping around various intertoob sites, I see an ever-growing mob armed with virtual torches and pitchforks and loudly demanding Davy Johnson’s head.   Most of the criticism seems to swirl around the decision to yank Strasburg (and memo to those critics in particular – he wouldn’t have won the game yesterday since we never managed to score), but once again the entire long-term strategy is also being torn apart.  Johnson is a dinosaur.  Rizzo is an idiot.  The Lerners are skinflints.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.

For Heaven’s sake, people, let’s keep some perspective here and stop being such summah soldiers, such sunshine patriots!  We’ve had an outstanding season, exceeding absolutely everybody’s expectations.  We’re a very young club with a fantastick skills set that can only get better as we mature.  If the Mayans are right and this is indeed the last season of Major League Baseball evah, then I can understand your last-chance-at-the-brass-ring mentality, but if not, then I don’t think it the slightest bit unreasonable to expect many return visits to the post season.  Jeesh!

And as for the now?  My next door colleague remarked this morning that it was sad that the season would end today in such a way.  I looked at him incredulously and said, “Who said anything about the season ending today?”