[F]or the first time, Teddy Roosevelt won the fourth-inning Presidents Race. Yes, after more than 500 attempts since the popular race debuted at RFK Stadium in the summer of 2006, the giant-headed mascot depicting the 26th President finally crossed the finish line first.

The moment came Wednesday afternoon, during the regular-season finale against Washington’s longtime nemesis, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Wearing a red headband and bright gold shoes modeled after those made famous by world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, Teddy got off to a slow start, trailing Abe, then Jefferson, then Washington.

But a green blob intended to resemble the Phillie Phanatic felled the three leaders in the right field corner, and Roosevelt strolled home by himself as the crowd roared and began chanting his name (really).

He then ripped off his usual jersey, revealing a red “Natitude” t-shirt, and soaked in the cheers.

What else is there to say except, “BULLY!!!”

(For those friends of the decanter who have no idea what I’m talking about, go here.  I’ve got two different bumper stickers, one on the Wrangler, the other on my bulletin board.  Now that the streak has been snapped, I suppose they’ll become quite valuable.)

UPDATE:  In the second-most important victory of the afternoon, Robbo’s beloved Nats beat the Phils 5-1, thereby winning their series and locking up the best season record in the National League plus home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Wow, what a ride.  What else is there to say but, “GO, NATS!!!”