Friends of the decanter who follow the boys of summah will be aware that regular season baseball wraps up this week.

Here is the current status of Robbo’s beloved Nationals.  We begin a final three game home stand against the Phils this evening.  We are currently three games up on the 2nd place Braves who finish against the Bucs.  Our “magic number” for clinching the division is 1.  This means that either if we win one of our games or the Braves lose one of theirs, we clinch.  Even if we lose all three games and the Braves win all three of theirs, we would still face each other in a single tie-breaker game to determine the division championship.

You might think that the odds are pretty good that the Nats will be able to wrap this thing up, but I tell you truly that it has all turned out to being a much nearer-run thing than I had expected (at least until we got swept by the Braves about ten days ago, which was when I first fancied I heard the long, slow footfalls of Nemesis coming down the wind).  And I confess there is a cold, cold feeling somewhere in the back of my stomach that it is becoming a challenge to hold at bay.

Granted, the Nats have already clinched a playoff birth.  But I fear that if we were to manage foozling the division title after having come this far, we’d go into the first round single-elimination “play in” game under a terrible, terrible psychic handicap.   (Oh, note to MLB – Even my daughters think the “play in” format is a complete crock.  Please get rid of it.  Thank you.)

Anyhoo, the next three evenings may prove to be extremely bad for ol’ Robbo’s stomach muscles, to say nothing of his liver.

What else is there to do, then, but say GO, NATS!!!