Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Not much to say for myself today, so I’ll just serve up a little tot of randomness.

♦  I mentioned recently that I had got carded whilst purchasing my latest ration of the true, the blushful Hippocrene.  This doesn’t bother me a-tall.  What does bother me is that I still get addressed as “young man” from time to time.

♦  Distracted the other morning by the fact that I had to park in a different slot from my customary one at the metro (due to a very slow fellah who was ambling across it when I pulled in), I forgot to hang my “reserved” tag in La Wrangler and was greeted by a $50 ticket upon my return in the gentle e’enfall.  Manic compulsiveness can be expensive.

♦  Speaking of tickets, are cyclists not required to obey traffic lights?  A covey of about fifty of them blew right through a red light in front of me this week.   Next time, I’m gunning it.

♦  The coverage of the convention in Tampa this week reminds me that I was down their in the summah five or six years ago to take some depositions.  Owing to scheduling conflicts, we had to do one of them on a Saturday.  It was held in a conference room about twenty stories up in one of the downtown buildings with a great huge window covering two walls and part of the ceiling.  About noon, because it was the weekend, the building A/C shut down.  As the afternoon progressed and the room warmed up, I noticed the stenographer’s eyelids start to droop and her head to loll.   By the end of the day, she was more or less typing in her sleep.  There’s no real point to this story except that every time I think of Tampa, I think of the somnambulistic stenographer.

♦  Speaking of Florida, it occurs to me that despite my many years’ allegiance to the Miami Dolphins (which started in my misspent yoot in the days of Griese and Czonka), I couldn’t name you a single player on the team this year.  This is a reflection of my gradual loss of interest in professional football as a whole, not a souring on the ‘Fins in particular.

Well, that’s about it for the moment.