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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo found himself down to the local high school this morning for the Class of 2016 freshman orientation.  Yippers, I’ve got myself a high school kid.

Orientation for the “babies” – as many of the staff seemed to call them half sentimentally and half cynically – consisted of a pep-rally of sorts, coupled with the handing out of schedules, assignment of lockers, P.E. gear and the like.

Orientation for the parents consisted mostly of trying to convince us of the importance of ponying up lots of money and volunteer hours.

I believe that the eldest gel is actually excited, albeit with some understandable trepidation, about the coming year.  She’s taking honors English and history, which pleases me.  She’s also taking Latin, which pleases me more.    She intends to give rowing crew a go, which will especially please me if she sticks with it after she realizes how much work is involved.

And so the pattern of domestick life around Port Swiller Manor is once more being broken apart and shaken up.   Next week, when school starts for all the gels, promises to be a thing of alarum and confusion.  I hope it will all coalesce into its new form quickly and with a minimal amount of fuss and bother.


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