The Capital Weather Gang remind me that today is the 1st anniversary of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Mineral, Virginny.

As it happens, when the quake hit I was sitting where I’m sitting right now.   After the fact, I had this to say:


That was pretty wild, I must say.

I’m four floors up in an 10 story building.  At first, like almost everyone else, I thought somebody was just moving some furniture around upstairs.  But then my door started swinging open and shut, some pictures fell over and the floor started rocking back and forth.  The whole building suddenly felt as if it were made out of cardboard.  Very sick-making.  I finally understand why people report earthquakes making them nauseous.

So that was a quake, that was.

Anyhoo, not much more to tell.  We all scrambled out and stood around for a while wondering if and when there would be an aftershock.

UPDATE: Spoke to Mrs. Robbo at home and all is well.  At first, she thought it was just the gels raising hell.

Well, okay.  Not exactly one of my more scintillating posts, but the truth is that I really was feeling pretty queasy all afternoon.

Meanwhile, they’re still putting the National Cathedral back together again.   What with the middle gel’s choristering and all, I’ve been over there a number of times this past year and have had to fight off the utterly unreasonable fear, when inside, that there might still be some structural damage of which nobody is aware that could suddenly choose to manifest itself by dropping something on the Robbo head from a height.

UPDATE:  Heh.  From regular friend of the decanter Mike F: