I note with delight that Boreas, god of the north wind, has at long last come to pay a call here after an extended absence.

Not that it’s actually chilly or even cool yet, but it’s not nearly as warm, the air is noticeably drier and one is not so overwhelmed with the desire to hang oneself out of parboiled misery.  In fact, this is simply that first gentle hint of things to come, but I welcome it all the same.

And what things those may be!  The Accuweather boys are predicting an especially snowy wintah for the Port Swiller neck of the woods this year, although the WaPo’s crack staff seems to be poo-pooing this. Suff on them, the party-poopers!  For myself, I would love to see the return of some serious white stuff, especially since we got practically none last year.  It was just as well then, given that the port swiller chimney was out of action, but we’re all set to fire her up now.

Bring on those Storms of the Century of the Week, says I!

UPDATE:  The shape of things to come?  Snowmaggedon at Port Swiller Manor, February 2010: