Last evening as Robbo sat waiting to have his tufts of hair weed-whacked, he was idly flipping through the Washingtonian magazine when his eye fell upon an add for Confederate Trails of Gettysburg.

Having scurried back to the intertoobs, he discovered that the outfit provides a whole variety of one and two hour guided horseback rides over the battlefield.  And one of them involves getting yourself kitted out in period uniform:

This unique event allows you to truly feel as if you have returned to 1863 and are seeing and experiencing the world as they lived it. Your adventure begins at Victorian Photography Studio and Clothing Rental (76 Steinwehr Avenue) where you are measured and dressed in a Soldier’s Uniform.

From there, head to McMillan Woods Youth Campground (within the National Park) on West Confederate Avenue, where your mounts are waiting for you. Complete your adventure when you return your uniform to Victorian Photography Studio and Clothing Rental.


The next time Mrs. R asks me what trips I’d like to take, I’ve got my answer ready.  They call themselves Confederate, but do you think they’d let me play Buford?