Those friends of the decanter who pay any attention to the boys of summah (and I hope that includes the vast majority of you) will probably know that Robbo’s beloved Nationals still sit atop the NL East, having since the all-star break won two series against the Mets (update: including getting the sweep this afternoon) and split another with the Braves.

I have never been in this position before, a genuine fan of a team in serious pennant contention in the latter half of the season.  So long as I’ve been following the Nats, usually by this time – if not cringing in embarrassment over the latest humiliation – I’d be watching the games just for their entertainment value, perhaps noting the development of such-and-such player and wondering what trades would make sense for next year.   This year, on the other hand, even games in July are being played like they’re games in October.

It is a very curious sensation.

There is a body of opinion in the port swiller household that the excitement is, perhaps, turning ol’ Dad’s head ever so slightly, but really, I think such concern is grossly exaggerated.  Just because I’ve taken to yelling “Squirrel!” at the teevee when opposing fielders are trying to catch fly balls……. (Nobody’s dropped one because of my interjections yet, but you never know.)

Anyway, say it now and say it loud:  GO, NATS!!