Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo is mildly proud of the fact that, although today is his day off, he still hauled himself out of bed to go labor in the vinyard in the (relative) cool of the morning before the ungodly heat n’ humidity we’ve been promised gets down to serious biznay.  Now he can sit down and blog in contentment, a large glass of iced coffee within easy reach.  I won’t mind if there’s ambrosia in the next world, but I’ll be even happier if there’s iced coffee.

I say vinyard, but in fact my task today was weeding the raspberries.  There’s a particular weed that always comes up.  It’s got smooth, trifoil leaves with rounded edges, a smooth, water-filled stalk, and little orangy-yellow flowers.  I don’t know its name.  Fortunately, it also has extremely shallow roots and is quite easy to yank.  Then again, the morning glory is making its annual bid to entangle itself with every other living thing that stays still long enough.  Getting it out of your figurative hair is a lot harder.

A fairly average crop of raspberries this year.  (Eating them off the brakes is one of the bennies that goes with the weeding job.)  Not so much the blueberries.  The previous owner planted them near a maple that has since grown somewhat in its canopy, thereby making things a bit shadier than I think the blueberries really want.  Not that we don’t get any yield, but the amount is measurable in palms-full rayther than pints like the raspberriers.  As for the blackberries out back, it’s a bit early for them yet, but it looks as if we’re going to have a very fine crop this year.

There’s still a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Supremes’ decision of yesterday, but it still strikes me that there’s a consi’drble amount of silver in thot thar lining.   The Commerce Clause is mightily strengthened against Congressional depredations.  The “partisan court” is gone as a political issue.   And contrary to much denial caught on tape and already forming the basis of many new campaign commercials, the individual mandate is firmly and irrefutably identified as a super king kamaya-maya duck.  And whether he was bowing to the political elite or screwed up his epilepsy meds or is playing some very deep game, the fact of the matter is that Roberts just threw the electorate a hanging curve ball.

We shall see what happens.

Mrs. R and the eldest gel are off to Connecticut tomorrow to visit grandparents for the Fourth.  (I was to go, too, but having had to eat some vacation time due to my extended illness, am taking a pass.)  What with the other two gels still away at camp, this means ol’ Robbo will be baching it for most of the week.   I’ve an idea this is going to involve rayther a lot of baseball games, patriotic movies and Pimms.

I finished up John C. Cremony’s Life Among The Apaches last evening.  An absolutely fascinating book if you’re interested in that sort of thing, clear, concise and full of all kinds of useful knowledge such as how to make smoke signals and how to count to ten in Apache.  It occured to me that I should now reread Francis Parkman’s Oregon Trail.  I’ve not read the latter for some time and it strikes me that it would be interesting to compare the two more or less contemporaranious works.  Cremony’s observations were what one might call professional in nature, and both his biznay and his life depended on their accuracy.  Parkman and his friends, when they journeyed up the Oregon Trail at about the same time, were basically well-to-do tourons.  Cremony is careful not to speculate on anthropological matters beyond his immediate observation and experience.  If I recall correctly, Parkman is much more apt to Tell Us All What It Means.   (Don’t misunderstand me – I like Parkman a lot.  But I believe he was still quite young (and perhaps a tad foolish) when he wrote this book.)

Using Mrs. R’s laptop to do this post reminds me again how much I hate not having a mouse.  Why does the screen keep expanding and shrinking while I’m trying to use the touch screen thingie to get the pointer where I want it?  Grrrr…..