I see where Click and Clack have announced that they’re not recording any more “Car Talk” episodes.

I used to be a great fan of “Car Talk”.  If memory serves, I first came across it in law school, and continued listening faithfully long after I’d got out and about in the world.  Their trademark “Aw, Jeez” has long been a part of the port swiller family lexicon.

But you know?  I actually stopped listening maybe seven or eight years ago.  And the reason I did was that Tom and Ray, who had generally held themselves above trendy political causes to that point, suddenly started hectoring on the eeeeeeevils of driving an SUV.   I seem to recall finding it particularly grating because this was right about at the time of maximum gummint-mandated child car seating in our family and we had the very devil of a time jamming three kids, three big car seats and all their attendant junk into anything but an SUV.  Exactly the wrong time to be telling me I really ought to be driving, say, a Dodge Dartra instead.  In any event, once they started up, the irritant quickly became sufficiently aggravating to cause me to hit the off button in protest.

So I suppose the nooz doesn’t really affect me one way or the other.

Just out of curiosity, however, I went over to their website recently and looked up what they had to say about Jeep Wranglers.  The results, one shouldn’t be surprised, were hysterically funny and accurate:

All in all, it must be said that there is a novelty factor in driving such a deliberately unrefined vehicle — particularly for us, who hoisted our derrieres out of this Jeep and then into a $90,000 Jaguar that was loaned us. But there’s a novelty factor to a Turkish jail, too, and a question about how quickly the novelty would wear off. However, there are certain people who absolutely love Jeep Wranglers, and no discussion of reliability or comfort will dissuade them. And, you may be one of them.

The fact is, there’s not much else being made in the world today that’s like the Wrangler. For sheer off-road capability, there’s the Land Rover Discovery, but that’s another $15,000. The Geo Tracker, now Chevrolet Tracker, used to be a Jeep clone, but it’s gotten bigger and heavier and now comes as a four-door, steel-roofed SUV.

The Wrangler is no bargain at $19,000-plus, in our humble opinion.  But, if you must have a Jeep — and you know who you are — there just aren’t any comparable alternatives. If you live out at the end of a logging road in the deepest part of the forest, the Jeep Wrangler may just be the perfect vehicle for you. Think of it as a Conestoga wagon with a windshield, and you won’t be that far off.

Read the rest.  I don’t live at the end of a logging road, but yes, I am one of those people immune to discussions of comfort.  And I’m tickled that Tom and Ray spotted that quirk in us Jeep owners.