So tomorrow is the big graduation ceremony at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method.   As she and her fellow sixth graders will actually be leaving the school and going on to other things next year, the Middle Gel gets to give a short speech reflecting on her time and (of course) giving appropriate thank-yous.  (There are only three kiddies in her graduating group, so this will not be so lengthy a process as it might sound.)

Yesterday I sat helping the gel noodle out what she was going to say.  As we talked about the various high and low points in her career, her face started to take on a solemn and almost alarmed expression.  “You know, Dad,” she said, “I’ve been at SMBEM for ten years.  I’ve never gone to school anywhere else.  It’s always seemed like it was going to last forever, and now it’ll be all over in a few days.  I’m a little scared.”

Well, I certainly feel her pain.  Ol’ Robbo has always craved permanence and stability, and while he has managed to get over life’s various transitory hurdles without coming a cropper (so far), and even to enjoy the new situation once things have settled down, he’s always hated that feeling of hurtling uncontrollably over a  cliff that one gets just ahead of time.

I assured her I knew exactly what she meant and that the same thing had happened to me many times.  I also said that, as I knew what kind of gel she is, I also knew that she’d be right back on her feet before she knew it and that she was going to love her new life.