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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yesterday, Mrs. Robbo came home from one of her many expeditions to Michael’s with, among other things, a brand new American flag for the front steps at the port swiller residence.

Our current flag must be a good fifteen years old by now.  To say that it is faded and a bit on the tattered side is to put it mildly.  No specific injuries, you understand, just a case of anno domini. So the purchase was, to me, perfectly justified.

The question that poses itself now is: What do I do with the old one?

I understand that it’s perfectly proper to dispose of an old flag by burning it.  But are there etiquettes and protocols about this?  Is it as simple as putting the thing on the Webber, adding lighter fluid and standing back in dignified silence? Or is it more complicated?

Another option, so I understand, is to hand it over to the local American Legion, or even the Scouts.   I don’t even know where the closest Legion post is or whether they have the facilities to handle it.  I could ask the younger gels about the Scout option, but I’ll bet they don’t know themselves.

The path of least resistance, I suppose, is to fold it up, put it in some storage container and then squirrel it away, thereby kicking the can down the road for another ten or fifteen years.





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