Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo cannot recall ever before getting sick as a result of a visit to the doctors, but it certainly seems to have played out that way this time.

Went to consult on lab results from my physical on Monday feeling perfectly okay.

Tuesday, started developing a prickly cough, which has since then mushroomed into a full-blown (so to speak) bronchial event.  My lungs feel like they’re full of asbestos, my throat like it’s coated with sandpaper and my ears like they’re corked.

One is faced with a dilemma: Do I go back to the doc for this?  Will she be able to cure it?  Or will I simply upgrade to something more exotic – Beriberi? Dengue fever? The plague?  On the other hand, am I better off taking my usual self-cure, which involves crawling under a rock until it all blows over?

I’m sure there’s a Fahrenheit 451 firemen joke in all this somewhere, but the truth is that I’m too worn to sink that shot.