The Wiggles have announced a wiggly, wiggly changing of the guard, as three of the four original members plan to hang it up at the end of this season, leaving only Anthony to stay behind and chaperone a new batch of singers. (Keep in mind that Anthony is the Redshirt.  Doesn’t say much for his chances of continued success, I’m thinking.)¹

Now that the gels have got older, we are of course well out of the demographic at whom the Wiggles aim, but I must say that I always rayther enjoyed them while we were in it.  For one thing, their musick was perfectly pleasant.  For another, they very rarely preached (at least from what I saw), confining themselves mostly to wholesome silliness.   And for a third, it was the Wiggles who distracted the young gels away from that insufferable slab of purple damnation, Barney.

Actually, my favorite Wiggly moment was an outtake from one of their DVD’s – Wiggly Safari, I think.  It was simply an extended shot of Greg sitting at the wheel of the Big Red Car waiting to do a take.  While he was almost inevitably all smiles when the cameras were rolling, here he looked distinctly peeved about something, drumming his fingers and glaring.  The contrast produced the same wonderful effect of being wrong-footed as did Henry Fonda playing the stone-cold killer in Once Upon A Time In The West, or Fred MacMurray the husband-killing/wife-stealing insurance fraudster in Double Indemnity.

¹  I am informed by a certain smarty-pants young lady that Anthony is, in fact, the Blueshirt, and that it’s Murray who sports the horrid alien death-magnet red.   Dang kids, a’spoilin’ my jokes!  This is the same one who challenged my assertion that Owen Wilson’s character in Armageddon didn’t get killed.