James Gillray – “Matrimonial Harmonics” (1805). Just as applicable to the office setting.

One of ol’ Robbo’s ironclad rules of office etiquette is never to discuss politics.

Would that everyone in my little professional community felt the same way.  I’ve just had to listen to an excruciatingly enthusiastic and brayingly loud description of the latest presidential candidate kerfluffle report to come out of the pages of Pravda on the Potomac, emanating from a pair of colleagues up the hall.

This time around, I was merely a collateral auditor.  Four years ago, one of these same persons actually tried to rope me into a debate on the comparative worth of the candidates.  I simply fixed her with a frozen stare and a very thin smile.  It shut her up for a while, but I’m not so sure whether the burnt fool’s bandaged finger may not go wabbling back to the fire.

At any rate, I’ve an idea it’s gonna be a looooong summah and fall.