Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Nothing of sufficient gravitational weight in ol’ Robbo’s brain this morning to cause a coalescing of post-length thoughts.  (I’m not even going to bother addressing the whole “evolution” meme splashing around the headlines today.  Regular friends of the decanter will know already what I think about that unfortunate biznay.  However, I will just point out that the Golden Rule does not mean “Whatever turns you on.”) So instead, a few smaller items:

♦  No movement on the glasses front, yet, as it’s almost impossible during the week for Mrs. R and Self to actually get enough time alone together to go frame-shopping.   I continue to feel a certain oddly comfortable relief in the knowledge that all the symptoms I’ve been suffering of late – dizziness, light-headedness, headaches – come not from some lurking cancer, alcohol poisoning or other sinister sources, but from good, old-fashioned eye-strain.

♦  My second prescription, the one specifically for working at my computer, came over from the doc yesterday.  He said, “Now, you may have trouble getting this filled at Hour Eyes because they’ll tell you it just can’t be done.  However, I happen to be able to do it in my own shop and I can give you a good deal……”  Did I say ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching the other day?  Add a couple more.

♦  They sure play Etienne-Nicolas Mehul’s “Young Henry’s Hunt” Overture an awful lot on the local classickal station.  I suppose the theory is that anything with horns is a natural crowd-pleaser.

♦  The organist at RFEC is after me again, this time tempting me to help the choir sing the Mozart Coronation Mass.  I’ve wrestled with the idea and finally come to the firm conclusion that I’m perfectly comfortable tagging along to services as my family’s “guest” but that I cannot, in good faith, do anything that might be construed as aiding and abetting the service itself, even if it is something as heavenly as singing Mozart.  I’m pretty sure the organist does not know of my RC conversion, and perhaps it’s time to e’splain it to him.

♦  Planning ahead for a family movie night this weekend, I decided it’s time to expose the gels to that great classick, The Blues Brothers.   Said the middle gel when I explained it to her, “1980?? Is it in color?”  Whippersnapper.

♦  I’m off on another biznay trip the first part of next week.  The first leg of my travel takes me down to Atlanta.  The past couple trips I’ve been on, I’ve been forced to fly exclusively in those dinky little regional jets.  This time around, the flights between DeeCee and Atlanta will actually be on large liners – an Airbus A-320 in one direction and a Boeing 757 in the other, to be exact.  I’ve been so cooped up in the sardine tins of late that I actually find myself looking forward to these flights.   I’m never, ever going to enjoy air travel, but I seem to have managed to get my fears under reasonable control.

♦  How do I know that I’ve reached True Fan Status with my beloved Nats?  By the fact that they’ve dropped three straight this week and that each said loss has put me in a thoroughly grumpy mood as I’ve gone to bed.