Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

It appears that ol’ Robbo has scored a triumph of sorts by successfully lobbying the eldest gel to choose Latin over French for 9th grade.

I pointed out to her that Latin has many, many benefits.  It will reenforce her English vocabulary.  Reading Caesar and Cicero, Virgil and Ovid in the original will broaden the scope of her historickal awareness.  If she ever chooses to start attending Latin Mass she’ll have the vocabulary and pronunciation down pat already.

I also pointed out that, in terms of both spelling and grammar, Latin’s a heck of a lot easier than French.   Latin always was a working language, sensible and to the point like the people who spoke it.  Somewhere along the line, French turned into an academic one, giving a gang of snotty Frogs the opportunity to sit about inventing new difficulties.   Who needs that?

UPDATE: I am getting slow.  Forgot to mention the most important point: It’ll make this scene all the funnier –