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Greetings, my fellow port-swillers, and Happy 3/14!

It is, indeed, a glorious day ’round here, with a forecast high of something not far short of 80.  The only thing marring the picture is the pollen count, which is causing ol’ Robbo to feel as if somebody absentmindedly left their bowling ball in his sinuses and forgot to fetch it.  Do you suppose Blue Cross covers nose amputations?

At any rate, as of last evening, the sides officially came off of the ol’ Wrangler for the season, meaning whoever sits in the back seat between now and the next snowfall will be getting Ma Nature, in all her moods, right between the eyeballs.

Speaking of Wranglers, reports I hear from up north indicate that the Mothe is thinking of buying one herself.  Not a soft-top like mine, and probably not a stick-shift either, but hey, close enough. Perhaps I can talk her into raised suspension and oversized tires?  Also, I may send her a pair of Click n’ Clack fuzzy dice and Yosemite Sam “Back Off!” mudflaps.

Oh, and don’t forget, Mothe:  Wrangler drivers have a custom of waiving to one another as they pass.  (Seriously.  I find it to be a most amiable custom.)

Last evening found ol’ Robbo on the mound pitching a scrimmage at the gels’ softball practice.  Granted, I was serving them up specifically so that the batters would put the ball in play, but the number of line drives I had to duck or sidestep made me feel even more like Charlie Brown than usual.  The rest of the coaching staff and players evidently found my efforts to avoid getting beaned to be comic gold.  Gold, Jerry!

A conversation:  Eldest gel – “You people [i.e., Mrs. R and Self] drive me crazy sometimes!”  Self – “Just returning the favor.”




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