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Greetings, my fellow port-swillers!

This past Saturday marked the opening practice of this spring’s softball season and found ol’ Robbo and the two younger gels down the batting cages at the local fields, with Self dutifully manning the pitching machine and the young ladies of the Miracle on Dirt v.2 taking their first swings.

It was only yesterday morning that I suddenly realized I had left my glove at the fields.  First practice and already I’m losing things.  Sheesh.

Stifling both the urge to vent my irritation in unsuitable language and the pessimistic thought that I’d never see the glove (which I’ve owned for about twenty years) again, I kept my calm and said to myself, “Self, we’ll just swing by the fields on the way home this evening and see what we see.”

Well, damme if the glove wasn’t still there after all.  Some thoughtful soul had put it in the equipment box next to the batting cages.  (Thank you, whoever you are!)

A very small matter, no doubt, but nonetheless gratifying.  The neat resolution of this problem got me wondering:  Is there a patron saint of baseball, and, if so, who is it?

A quick search on the intertoobs brought me round to an answer posted by Dr. Taylor Marshall (with whom I actually had lunch about five years ago when first contemplating swimming the Tiber).  According to Taylor, that position falls to none other than St. Rita of Cascia.  Here’s the gunnegshun:

Saint Rita’s patronage of baseball is connected to the drilling of the Santa Rita Oil Well in Big Lake, Texas, in 1921. Two Catholic nuns who had invested in the well and named it “Saint Rita Oil Well” in honor of her patronage of “impossible cases.”

Meanwhile, the workers who worked on the well built a baseball field nearby for recreation. The oil well proved extremely profitable, and the nuns hit it rich. Hence, the blessed connection between the Saint Rita’s well and the sport of baseball.

I suppose the oil connection makes St. Rita an obligatory Rangers fan.  On the other hand, given her patronage over lost causes and impossibilities, I suppose that within my own home division she’ll be pulling for the Mets this year.


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