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Owing to all the excitement over the weekend regarding the middle gel, together with a visit by Mr. & Mrs. Former Llama Military Correspondent and their brood (three adorable but noisy childs who, combined with the gels, generate enough power to shift the port swiller residence on its foundation), which left ol’ Robbo decidedly drained, I decided to give myself a mental health day today.

One of the ways I spent the morning was in pottering about the yard, taking care of some late winter/early spring tasks like cutting back the local Buddleia population (well-known to friends of teh decanter as Kong and the Konglings), and generally surveying things in order to get an idea of what projects would most need doing as the weather warms up.  (I’m afraid that at this stage of life my gardening efforts most resemble something along the lines of horticultural triage, putting my scant resources of time and energy to use simply to try and keep the jungle out.)

Anyhoo, regular port swillers might recall my mention last fall of the peach tree around the side of the house that fell over thanks to the gentle caresses of tropical storm Irene.  Well, what with crumbling chimneys and internal plumbing issues and the like, I never got round to actually doing anything about said tree, apart from briefly toying with the idea of purchasing a chainsaw (which some of your Comments of Inevitable Doom convinced me to shelve for fear that I would somehow manage to amputate my own leg before I even got the durn thing home).  At any rate, it still lies where it fell, blocking the approach to one of the gates to the back like an abatis, but not really noticable from anywhere else about the place.

As I pottered about today, I went over to inspect the tree, only to discover that it is still very much alive and putting out new buds, thank you very much.  This got me thinking:  It’s not as if much traffic goes that way and it’s not as if the thing is an eyesore.  Why not just….leave it be.  In fact, now that it’s down, it’ll be a lot easier for the Family Robbo to gather peaches than it has been heretofore.  And indeed, the horizontal trunk now makes an admirable bench on which to sit while eating said peaches.

(I’ll never make a good gardener because I’m not nearly ruthless enough.)

Greetings, my fellow water swiggers!

Yesterday afternoon, in anticipation of the spring season that starts with first practices this week¹, ol’ Robbo and the youngest gel toddled over to a batting clinic given by one of teh local high school softball teams.  The idea of the clinic was a sort of twofer: Teach the kiddies some technique and teach the coaches how to teach the kiddies.  Whilst the gels were all off in the gym going round the various batting stations with assistant coaches and high school players, the little league adults were herded into what is normally the school’s band room to listen to a lecture from the pooh-bah of the high school program.  (It was billed as a discussion of proper swinging technique, but most of the talk turned out to be a combination of a brazen recruiting plea and long, doddering reminiscences.)

All in all, not all that exciting (unless you’re one of us little league sharks² and even then it got a bit tedious), but I did want to pass on one interesting little nugget.  For years,  I have heard the movement by which the batter pivots on her back foot as she swings through referred to as “squashing the bug.”  However, in describing this movement, the high school pooh-bah went out of his way to emphasize that he preferred a different expression, namely “toe to China.”  As in, “I’m going to dig on that foot so hard that my toe’s going to go clean through to China.” 

Judging by the murmur that went through the audience of coaches, there seemed to be widespread agreement that this expression is preferable.  Why, I don’t know.  Is it because bugs are people, too?  It seems to me that if one is trying to capture an eight year old’s imagination, messy insect elimination is probably a better tool than abstract exercises in geographical geometry, but what do I know.

Anyhoo, just thought I’d pass that along.

¹ It’s snowing out even as I type this.

² Both the younger gels will be playing AAA this season (on the same team, thank God).  I’ll be coaching again and we’ll all be playing for the same manageress (and largely with the same team-mates) as we did at the AA level last spring when we won the city series champeenship. Regular friends of the carafe may recall me speaking of this team as the Miracle on Dirt.)


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