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Greetings, my fellow water swiggers!

For those of you keeping score at home, yes, ol’ Robbo is taking the middle gel to see Cosi Fan Tutte at the Kennedy Center.  Indeed, Mrs. R (who possesses the 15% teacher discount superpower) went down the box office in person yesterday to scoop in the tickets.  We’re off next Friday night.

(I apologize, btw, for the way in which the horizons of my blogging seem to roll in and out.  This hardly counts as Lenten reflection, except, I suppose, insofar as the beauty of Mozart’s musick puts one in contemplation of the glory of God, which it does.  But that’s the way things work around here.)

Anyhoo, I was chatting with the gel last evening, discussing our seats and so on,  and she again brought up the modern day setting and biker-dude disguises in the per-duction we’re to see.  All at once her eyes bulged and she said, “Wait, they’re not going to mess around with the musick, are they?”

“Oh, no,” I said, “It’s still the genuine Mozart.”

“Good,” she said, “Because that’s the whole point, isn’t it?”

“Very true,” I replied, “And if you can keep that in mind, then the horrible staging won’t be quite so bad.  And we can even laugh at it.”

“You know what my favorite part of the opera is?” she then said, “The duet where Ferrando finally gets to Fiordiligi.  I really love that and would like to sing it some day.  In fact, I’m trying to learn it now just from listening to it.”

“Wow,” I said, “Powerful stuff.  You really swing for the fences, don’t you.”

The duet she had in mind is “Fra gli amplessi” from Act II, Scene 3, and it is, as she so rightly recognizes, a pivotal emotional point in the plot, as Fiordiligi succumbs to the Wallachian-disguised Ferrando’s seduction:

It’s interesting that the gel should mention Fiordiligi so consistently.  Granted, she’s only twelve, but she just doesn’t strike me as having that kind of fiery, passionate personality.  Indeed, I’ve always thought of the gel as more the Susanna type:

Then again, who knows?  The gel presents a consistently calm, sunny, cheerful face to the world, but every now and again one becomes aware of what’s going on behind it.  Still waters run deep and all that.


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