For those of you who could do with a break from Robbo’s Lenten meanderings:

♦   Regular water swiggers may recall my posting last week that the eldest gel had signed up to train for a 5k run?  On Saturday, ol’ Robbo very foolishly offered to go out for a spin round the neighborhood with her in order to encourage this endeavor.  It has been some years since I last tried hitting the pavement.  You know how the insides of a thermos sound after you drop it?  My knees and ankles feel that way today.

♦   What with the peculiarity of the Sunday worship arrangements around the water swigger household, yesterday found self riding herd on the eldest gel’s confirmation class over at RFEC.  Not teaching, mind you, but rayther showing the parental flag in order to try and subdue some of the more unruly elements.  All I can say is that while I don’t have that many encounters with adolescent boys, each one that I do have confirms further my opinion that in many ways they are even more loathsome than adolescent girls.  There was one particular kid, a tall, gangly smart-Alec and the obvious ring-leader of the trouble makers, of whom I would have paid good money for the privilege of kicking down the stairs.

♦   I may have mentioned before that I sit on the board of St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method?  Well, the school has begun its re-accreditation process and last evening saw the board doing the meet-and-greet with the re-accreditorial “team,” first giving them a tour, then being grilled about our operational practices and philosophy, and finally taking them out to din-dins.  Ol’ Robbo dislikes intensely the gentle art of politicking, but I’m happy to say that, when pressed, I can still pull it off.  Three whole hours without squinting!