Greetings, my fellow port swillers!  Well, happy Mardi Gras to you all and down the hatch!

Long time friend of the decanter Christine gave out a challenge over on Facebook, namely to come up with a limerick involving Quinguagesima Sunday, which we celebrated with much solemnity and Palestrina this week.  (Contrast this with the “Jazz” Sunday at RFEC and your head may begin to spin in the manner of ol’ Robbo’s.)  My own feeble attempt – made before the morning coffee infusion (which Father Z says may go on right the way through Lent) – goes thusly:

There once was a priest Quinquagesima,

Who misplaced his purple vestima.

What his Bishop did say,

(Being touchy that way),

Caused the priest much holy distressima!

Okay, okay.  Shakespeare I ain’t.  And I suppose it ought to be “violet”  instead of “purple.”  But not bad off the cuff.