Regular port swillers will know that ol’  Robbo, as a rule, stays off politics in discussions over the decanter here.

Nonetheless, Gingrich’s surprise win in the South Carolina primaries and the bubblings amonst certain blogs and websites which Robbo visits compels him to point out a fact that ought to weigh heavily on those contemplating the chances of reducing our current President to a single term:

There is no way in Heaven or on Earth that Newt can hope to win a general @(#$*&*(@%  election.

Please! Learn it, live it.

The man is positively chock-a-block with “Kick Me” signs.  You think his enemies on the other side aren’t zeroed in on them? Middle of the road voters would flee him like, Lor lumme, Arthur and his silly English kkkkniggits flew the flying vache.  I ask you: Do you really wish to be taunted a second time-ah?

Indeed, certain persons near and dear to me wonder whether ol’Na-GINGA isn’t some kind of fifth column plant.  I sometimes wonder myself.