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Regular friends of the decanter will have seen several posts here since last spring in which, after some initial trepidation, ol’ Robbo has had nothing but praise for the Honda Odyssey we bought (aka the Juggernaut).

Alas, I’m afraid I’ve discovered a weakness, thanks to the ice and snow we got last night.  Watching Mrs. R trying to get the thing up the modest rise of the driveway before I could clear the slush off was like watching a beached whale trying to struggle over the dune and back into the sea.  Front-wheel drive plus massive poundage in back means no traction for you!

So now I’m trying to think of a new name for our minivan.  One idea that popped into my mind is the Honda Fat Albert.  Another might be the Honda Brick. 

Other suggestions are, of course, welcome.

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

No, ol’ Robbo hasn’t been silent the past few days to protest the SOPA legislation.  Instead, he got himself laid a bit low by the ‘flu.  Feeling better now, thank you, just in time to go out and shovel off the inch or so of snow and ice that blanketed the port swiller driveway last evening.  (I shall be off to the store shortly to see if any batteries or toilet paper remain on the shelves.  I doubt it.)

In the meantime, a few observations:

♦  In his Ripples of Battle, Victor Davis Hanson asserts that Lew Wallace’s Ben Hur, the story of a dashing and virtuous young prince whose life is destroyed by tricks of fate and the wickedness of those around him, was inspired by the fallout from his own unfortunate adventures at the battle of Shiloh.  Now I have no choice but to read some biography on Wallace to see if I agree with this assertion.

♦ FWIW, by the bye, I think Wallace did get wrongly faulted for his march on the first day of the battle.  His mistake was his refusal to shut up about it later.

♦  Speaking of knowing when to shut up, who is this Dr. Laura person? I was forced to listen to a bit of her radio show the other day, which seemed to consist of nothing but complete ding-dongs (if they weren’t fakes) calling up with the express hope that she would yell at them for their half-witted personal decisions.  I thought that was what parents were for.

♦  Which reminds me of a great little line I recently came across: “Foolish names and foolish faces are oft to be found in public places.”  I’m going to remember that one and start peppering the gels with it on a regular basis.  

♦  Speaking of such peppering, I was amused to overhear one of the gels recently using another expression of which I am fond: “If wishes were horses, beggers would ride.”

♦  Pitchers and catchers report in a month! Woo Hoo!

♦   Which is really just a tease, actually.  This is the drought season for me.  I’ve lost my interest in football (I don’t even know who’s in the playoffs), I never caught on to hockey (having grown up in the South) and I loathe basketball (except when watching the eldest gel’s CYO games).  This time of year, it’s pretty much Senior PGA tourneys in Arizona or nothing.

♦  Well, must be about my biznay.


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