Greetings, my fellow port swillers!  Well, here we are at the turn of the seasonal tide.  The storm is coming, as Gandalf said, but the tide has turned.

As for ol’ Robbo, today found him eating accrude leave in order to play host to a procession of repairmen, delivery guys and (much to my surprise) a cleaning crew, all of whom were scheduled at the behest of Mrs. Robbo to descend on the port swiller residence in order to fix, offload and clean before Christmas arrives.  And where is Mrs. R her own self, you ask?  Why, she and the gels have lit out for the Great Wolf Lodge for a night or two of watery holiday frolicking.   How conveeeeeenient.

Anyhoo, all is done now, with everything fixed, delivered and cleaned for the moment, and all those persons now gone and gone. (As I grow older, I abhore having strangers in the house more and more.)

♦  So I had a go at uploading the middle gel’s song directly from CD to WordPress, only to be informed that the file type was not authorized.  Anybody know of a way to transfer musick to a blogpost that doesn’t involve YouTube?

♦  I have a confession to make: Whenever I’m channel-surfing and stumble across The Postman, I almost invariably stop to watch it.  There’s just something compelling in its awfulness.

♦ Speaking of such things, we’ve had a Blue-ray player for better than a year now and I only discovered that the thing could play CD’s about an hour ago.  Good news for me, as I am starting up my exercise routine again, the elliptical is in the teevee room, and I can’t abide trying to watch teevee while working out.  Much rayther listen to musick.

♦  And speaking of corpore sano, I woke up with a very stiff left knee today.  Examination of same revealed a palm-sized bruise on the inside part, quite deep purple and red.  Certain smarty-pants family members can keep their Robbo’s-been-at-the-bottle-a-bit-too-much comments to themselves, as this thing is hardly in a location where I could or would have got it by stumbling into something.  On cross examination, Mrs. R confessed that she does sometimes kick me when I’m allegedly snoring (a false charge, btw), but she swears she never kicks that hard.  I can’t imagine where I picked up the thing.

♦  Since I’m batching it for a couple nights, I plan to run off TopsyTurvey, which Netflix sent me a good month or two ago but which I haven’t had the time to run off.  (The thing is over two and a half hours.)  The film is about a feud and reconciliation between W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan and comes highly recommended by the Mothe.  I’ll let you know what I think.