Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Great Bridge near Norfolk, Virginia, fought in 1775.  In the battle, a Continental force under William Woodford, dug into heavily fortified positions,  routed a Tory army at point-blank range as it attempted to storm across a long causeway.  The decisive victory, called at the time the “Second Battle of Bunker Hill”,  led to the complete withdrawal of British power from the Virginia colony.

It is a curious thing, but in all my “studies” on the Revolutionary War, I simply do not recall reading anything about this battle.  Indeed, I can’t remember even ever having heard of it before.  This means one of two things: Either ol’ Robbo’s Alzheimer’s is kicking in with unusual vigor, or else I am a fraud as both a Virginian and as a student of history.

UPDATE:  In order to plug the hole in my knowledge, I’ve just nipped over to the devil’s website and picked up this:  The Revolution in Virginia 1775-1783 by John E. Selby.  I’ll let you know what I think after reading it.