Three cheers for Murrland Publick Television for airing the first episode of Fr. Robert Barron’s series Catholicism last evening!  I caught about the last half hour or so and was positively gob-smacked that a program so unabashedly, even exuberantly, well, Christian would be seen anywhere outside of EWTN, much less on PBS.   That’s something akin to Pravda publishing the Federalist Papers.  (I notice, however, that WETA doesn’t seem to be carrying it, no doubt because it deems the program nekulturny.)

Oh, and from what I’ve seen (and read) so far, the show is more than DVD-worthy.  (Perhaps as a nice family Christmas present.  I’ll have seen most, if not all of it by then.) Fr. Barron appears to be one of those enthusiastic johnnies who gets so caught up in things that he begins to bubble and fizz after a while.  As I watched him tracing Paul’s route round about the eastern Med, it occurred to me again that Paul himself was probably of the same temperament.  (At least that’s how I’ve always tried to explain to myself some of the more incoherent passages in his letters.)

Well, I’m certainly intrigued to see where Fr. Barron goes with this.  At the moment, he’s setting up the foundations of the Church, both structural and spiritual.  What he plans to do with such pleasant topics as schism, creeping secularism, abuse and modern moral nihilism remains to be seen.  I don’t know anything about Fr. Barron himself – whether, for example, he’s a traditionalist or a modernist – and that will make all the difference in the world.