Regular port-swillers will recall that the middle gel attended a Model U.N. convention in Noo Yawk last spring, where she and her senior classmates from St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method represented the Netherlands, their signature legislation having to do with the treatment of displaced persons (apparently, “refugee” is no longer a politically correct term).

Anyhoo, the gel was speaking of this year’s trip late last week.  Eyes alight with the flame of ambition, she was hoping that this year the class would bag one of the Big Five permanent Security Council seats, from which she could set about establishing the Gel World Order.  (And she’d do it, too, by pure charm.)

Well, the class learned yesterday who they are getting to represent.  And no, it will not be one of the heavyweights.  Owing to some incomprehensible formula involving class size, program seniority and order of registration, it appears that they have the choice between……The Cape Verde Islands and Guinea.

The gel is, shall we say, less than enthusiastic.

I pointed out to her that this could actually be a lot of fun.  Representing a third-world backwater means not having to assume any responsibility, so they could throw all sorts of bomb-shell resolutions such as a demand for an immediate turning over of one half of the world’s material wealth to Africa, or the adoption of greenhouse-gas caps that would bring the Industrial West to its collective knees.  I’m sure that with a little creative thought, they could make quite a splash.

The gel seemed dubious, but I’m hoping that I might have planted the seed of something.  That’s ol’ Robbo – always trying to help.

UPDATE:  If the class decides to go Cape Verde, Mr. James Delingpole has a great idea…….