I may or may not have mentioned here the fact that we lost the peach tree that stood on the southeast side of the port-swiller residence during the heavy rains and wind we had a couple of weeks ago. (The poor tree had been gradually taking on a list these past couple years and it was only a matter of time before it came down.)

Well, the tree is still there on its side, blocking the gate into the back yard.   Given this, one thing is perfectly obvious to ol’ Robbo:  It’s time to purchase a chainsaw.

Now it just so happens that I’ve never actually owned a chainsaw before, largely because I have never had sufficient justification to get such a purchase cleared by the Port Family CFO.   So I really don’t know what I ought to be looking for in terms of power.  This particular tree, which needs to be turned into firewood, has a diameter no larger than maybe eight or ten inches at the most.  None of the other saw-related jobs around the grounds that spring to mind would really involve anything much bigger.  (If one of the old maples came down, I would no doubt bring in the pros to deal with it.)  So I ask those with such knowledge:  Which is the best model for light to medium jobs?

I should say, by the way, that the local mom & pop hardware store carries the Stihl brand, so I’m sure I’ll be going with that.