I will leave it to the capable hands of  Mr. Christopher Johnson to tear Pat Robertson a new one over his remark that it’s just fine and dandy for a husband to divorce his wife for a new model if she develops Alzheimer’s.  Simply vile.

I happen to know (slightly) a couple, the female half of which is in the terminal stage of Alzheimer’s (or some other neurological disorder) herself and is utterly incapacitated.  From what I have seen and heard, I know a little, a very, very little of what he does twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in order to care for her.

He and I happened to see each other at a meeting last evening and the subject of Robertson’s views came up as we chatted.  And do you know what this fellah’s reaction was?  He felt pity for Robertson for having such an idiotic misunderstanding of what marriage actually means.

Talk about saintliness.  I very much felt that I was in its presence.