Behold a thing of beauty:  Center-fielder Rick Ankiel guns down Mets’ catcher Dave Josh Thole at the plate.

Some folks over at Facebook were poo-pooing the throw, suggesting that since Thole is only a catcher, of course Ankiel bagged him.  But look how far up the line Ankiel puts the ball – he could have rung up a far speedier runner just as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Ankiel was a pitcher at one point in his career.  I’ve seen him make several of these monster throws over the course of the year.  It never gets old.

By the bye, the Nats eventually came from behind to win the game 3-2, thus taking the first two of a four game series that could will be critical to determining who gets the honor of third place in the NL East.

On a somewhat related note, some tickets and a cheap parking pass somehow fell into the collective lap of the Family Robbo yesterday, so we’re all going out Saturday night to see Strasburg pitch against the Marlins.  I’ve not yet seen him live, so can’t wait.

Yes, I’m definitely going to start suffering from withdrawal in about two weeks.  (Unless you’ve got a dog in the fight, the playoffs are never quite the same.)  How long until pitchers and catchers report?